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Saturday, February 18, 2006 being sued for patent infringment

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Amazon is being sued by Registrar Systems LLC for allegidly infringing on two of its patents.

The alleged inventors say that Amazons e-commerce technology uses methods from their US patents 5,790,785 and 6,823,327.


"the present invention includes a World Wide Web registration web site wherein a user accessing the World Wide Web can utilize this web site as a repository for registration information so that the user can request this registration information to be transmitted substantially automatically to another web site to which the user desires to register"

Apart from the repetition of the word Web in the summary, didn't similar systems exist prior to 1998 for distributed authentication.

What is LDAP? .. possible for almost any application running on virtually any computer platform to obtain directory information, such as email addresses and public keys ..

1993 RFC 1487 - X.500 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Jul 31 1989 Usenet Msg "Retix, based in Santa Monica, California, has had a fully conformant, portable Directory Access Protocol (DAP) (with an example DSA) since 1987.


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