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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Apple security through obscurity

John Stith writing in Securitypronews says that the reason the Mac was long thought to be immune from viruses was because of its relativly small userbase and quotes some security experts as saying that this may turn out to be the year of the OS X exploit.

"What's perhaps surprising is that there are a hardcore element of 21% who believe that threat attempts against Mac users will not grow." Graham Cluley Sophos.

"This is almost certainly the year of the OS X exploit .." "On a good day, Apple doesn't even make it to Microsoft's level of security awareness," Jay Beale Intelguardians

"Linux has a better history for security than Microsoft,
and hackers are more focused on Microsoft. So the main demand for Unix antivirus software comes from companies running Windows on a Unix server trying to boost security. The same may be true for Linux."
Graham Cluley - June 2004

"These are not attacking any kind of vulnerability in the computer,"
They are attacking the vulnerability of people's brains."
Graham Cluley - May 2004

a Mac has no more inherent security than a PC
Graham Cluley Aug 2003


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