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Sunday, February 19, 2006

EU commision threatens MS says the beeb

The BBC writes that Microsoft accuses the EU of attacking its complience efforts in regard to the March 2004 ruling. MS also accuses the Commission of creating the problem by failing to clearly define its requirments.

"It was given until Wednesday to prove it had provided rivals with computer codes that would let them develop products to work with Windows systems."

Incorrect the ruling required them to provide the protocols unemcumbered with licensing or patent restrictions.

The Commsision Ruling of March 2004 states: "Microsoft to disclose to competitors, within 120 days, the interfaces(3) required for their products to be able to 'talk' with the ubiquitous Windows OS .."

Microsoft's responce was to provide technical documentaion and some source code. According to Groklaw the Commission asks why the source code offer is relevant to compliance as it was never asked for under the March 2004 decision. The Commision also insists that it is they who will decide whether Microsoft is compliant and not Microsoft.


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