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Friday, March 24, 2006

Bill Hilf benchmarks Linux

Bill Hilf is in Australia but can't make it to the Linux World conference because of a 'scheduling conflict`. In an interview with Dahna McConnachie on he had this to say:

"We analyze, test and benchmark aspects of open source software we want to compare to Microsoft products,"

Why does Microsoft forbid third party benchmarking while at the same time thinking it ok to run such tests on Linux systems.

Elsewhere we have Steve Ballmer stating that:

"I think there are experts who claim Linux violates our intellectual property."

Bill, in all your analyze of Open Source software have you ever come across any such IP violations.

"There has been a lot of talk around Microsoft and Linux, but the discussion has shifted since it began"

Does this mean that the Linux lab is in violation of Microsofts own Intelluctual Property. I know of no other business where the chief innovator has to set up a clone of their competitors. What dollar value is Microsoft spending on this Linux lab.


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