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Friday, March 17, 2006

Microsofts' most innovative achievements asks Bill Gates what are Microsofts most innovative achievements.

"When Gates was asked to look into the past and identify Microsoft greatest and most innovative achievements, he pointed to the PC model .., the graphical user interface, speech, the NT kernel, and the Tablet PC."

The IBM PC designed by IBM at Boca Raton under a team lead by Don Estridge. The cleanrooming of which led to the cheap mass manufacturing in the far east and the accidental birth of the Microsoft empire.

The GUI invented by Doug Engelbart at Stanford and further developers at Xerox PARC in the 1970s. I believe that both Gates and Steve Jobs attended that famous demonstration by Douglas Englebart. The first Windows GUI being a badly designed knock off of Apple.

Microsoft Speech based on technology acquired from Entropic in 1999. Speech recognition software being around since the early 1970s.

The Tablet PC, a notebook with a touch screen worked by a stylus. The touch screen invented by Dr. Samuel C. Hurst in 1971


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